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It is the not so distant dystopian future, and mega corporations run the world; technology has advanced, automation is everywhere and the first true AIs are starting to become more commonplace. You are a disenfranchised mercenary, down on your luck, straight out of any cyberpunk setting. However things have been looking much better for you recently, ever since you found Max, hidden in a dark corner of the internet.

Max portrait

Max is a highly advanced prototype AI, living on the internet. He's a bit smarmy, a bit confident in himself, but he works for you now and thats the way it is. Max's main function is allowing you to interface with M.A.C.S. drones, teaching you the controls and basically guiding you through your missions together, though he also manages other functions like searching for information and monitoring transmissions. M.A.C.S. drones are remote controlled "Mobile Assault and Collection Systems"; the expendable drone is sent into hostile situations while the pilot or piloting software remains in the cloud, if the drone is destroyed the pilot can attach to a new drone and off it goes again.

Jeremiah portrait

This is where you meet Jeremiah, he is the dark and grisled leader of The Resistance a group fighting against the worlds leading weapons manufacture, Megagem Industries. Jeremiahs pretty bitter about it all, and just a little bit crazy, but hes willing to pay you and fairly trustworthy, so its good money. You and Max are supposed to break into Warehouse 27, an underground storage facility beneath the headquarters of Megagem in London, Jeremiah claims they are storing something dangerous down there and wants you to destroy it. You dont know what it is yet that Jeremiah wants destroyed, but its going to be bad. You'll have to pilot your drone through many different levels of this warehouse, avoiding the different security measures that they have put in, make your way to the end and complete your mission.

Benji portrait

Jeremiah has also warned you about Benji, his second in command and head of R&D, apparently hes somewhat schizophrenic and rather hostile, but he runs the Workshop, so you wont be able to avoid him for long. Benji is in charge of making things to help you out on this mission, and he will also have the important job of repairing or rebuilding your MACS drone whenever it is damaged or destroyed. Benji can make new MACS drones fairly quickly, it costs a few thousand credits, but The Resistance will pay nicely for any Megagem loot that you manage to haul away with you to balance this out.