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About the Game

M.A.C.S. is a game in which you use the keyboard to control a drone, a remote-controlled, floating sphere. As you navigate your way through the different levels you must try to avoid white security drones which defend the facility. The white enemy security drones will try to chase you down and run into you, initially you've got to run away or hide from them, rather like Pac-Man. After a little while you can pick up some weapons and shoot the enemies. There are various different power-ups that do other exciting things, but I'll leave that for the game for you to discover. Dotted around the levels are coins which you can collect and spend to repair any damage that you incur, any leftovers can be used to upgrade your systems or buy more power-ups.

M.A.C.S. is based on the concept of a persistent world. This world is randomly generated for each user, so your world will be unique to you, but every time you go into it it'll still be the same. In addition to this, you can deploy persistent power-ups; when you buy a new power-up for yourself from the workshop, you can deploy it into the world, and every time you go into the world it will be there for you to collect, which over time makes each level a little easier for every power-up you put in it. Everything is purchased with in-game currency. It's ok, there are no micro transactions!

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About Us

I am Matt Wicks, and House Izezweth is my software development company. It's currently just me, but I have employed several other people to help work on this project. I've been working on M.A.C.S. for a little over two years now as my full time job.

Shannon May Hall has produced the artwork for the characters. She is a talented artist who has done a lot of character-art and portrait work over several years. You can find her website at www.budderflyart.co.uk.

The music comes from the exceptional Grixis, who has generated a beautiful soundtrack for me, and writes his own music, more of which can be found via www.facebook.com/grixismusic. Do go check it out, it is amazing.

Declan Doyle has done the sound effects and video editing for me. He is starting up his own production company, but does not yet have a website of his own.

The storyline was written by Deborah Landes, a literary student at the University of Essex with several years' experience of fiction-writing.